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Team ‘Certificate’

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  • Published: 02 Mar 2021, 09:37 AM

This is the first time that Tutul Chowdhury, Kalyan Koraiya, Sanjida Islam Anika and Shakila Akhter have acted in the same play together. Fazlul Selim, the writer and director of the play, said that the work of capturing the scenes of the play has already been completed in various scenic locations of Uttara in the capital.

Regarding acting in the play, Tutul Chowdhury said, “Fazlul Selim is a young playwright and producer. Trying to write and build good stories. Certificate is a drama of excellent story. I hope the audience will like it.”

Kalyan Koraya said, “I have gone through the crisis of Corona and now I am more regular in the drama than before. In the meantime I have worked on several good story dramas. Certificate is one of those. Everyone who has been my co-star in it has done an excellent job in their respective roles. That's why I believe that the audience can like the play.”

Sanjida Islam Anika and Shakila Akhter are also quite optimistic about the play. Because both of them effortlessly admit that ‘Certificate’ is a drama of a different kind of story than a contemporary one. The drama will be aired on a satellite channel soon. 

Meanwhile, the current serial drama ‘Man Abhiman’, airing on Dipta TV, has already crossed 600 episodes. Sanjida Islam Anika is playing the role of Ranu in this play. Now Shakila Akhter is playing the role. 

It is known that Sanjida Islam Anika has become much busier than before. That is why she is now concentrating on working on single dramas.

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