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Shirin Alam impeccable in film

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  • Published: 04 Mar 2021, 11:36 AM

Shirin Alam, is a very popular actress in TV dramas. She has entertained the audience by playing the role of mother in many plays. However, not only in dramas but also in movies, she has soaked herself in the love of the audience by playing different roles including the role of mother. At present, she is busy working in the cinema. She is known as Anjuman Ara Begum to friends and family. But as an actress, she has known as Shirin Alam. Shirin Alam said, “Many people lose their original name or stay hidden when it comes to working in the media. It has also happened to me. But there is no problem with that. Because my name Anjuman Ara Begum is being used in the certificate or passport.” 

Shirin Alam is currently busy working on two movies. She also shot the movie 'Ek Pashla Brishti' directed by Zafar Al Mamun Tuesday. In it, she is playing the role of the mother of the Kayes Arju. On the other hand, she is also working in Nasir Uddin's movie 'Basar Ghar'. She is also playing the role of the mother of the movie hero. Shirin Alam said, “My luck in cinema is really very good. For the first time in my life, I got the opportunity to work under the direction of Nazrul Islam Bhai, the late respected film director. 

Since then, I have acted in many movies, it can be said that every movie has gained viewership. The story of the two movies that are still starring is excellent. Thanks to those who have been supporting me in acting in movies and plays from the beginning till today. I want to do better tomorrow with the love of the audience. The first movie starring Shirin Alam was Chashi Nazrul Islam's Shasti’. She later acted in several other movies including Taukir Ahmed's 'Cinnamon Island', Gias Uddin Selim's Monpura', Chandan Chowdhury's 'Ki Jadu Karila', Mohammad Hossain's 'Bhalobese Bu Anbo'. She is currently acting in a serial called 'Paribar'.

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