• DECEMBER 04, 2022

Sajal-Sarika in 'Kagojer Manush'

Actor Sajal and Sarika. COURTESY

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2021, 11:09 AM

Actor Sajal and Sarika, two favorite faces have acted in a play together again. The name of the play is 'Kagojer Manush'. The play is written and directed by Md. Rabiul Sikder. He said the shooting of the play was completed at different locations in Uttara of the capital last week. To told about the story of the play Rabiul Sikder said, Asma Begum went out to work as soon as it dark. Asma worked to clean the streets. After cleaning the road quickly, she went to the office and made a cake with the money and sold it in the market. So that the money for Saima's university admission would be used. Saima once met Sabu, a newspaper seller, to find out about her university admission. Sabu is living a life of struggle. Newspapers are distributed in the morning and tuition is done in the afternoon. The story of the play goes on from the source of Saima and Sabu's introducing.

Regarding acting in the play, Sajal said, "Since I had to play the role of a newspaper seller, I had to go to Uttara very early in the morning to shoot. I have worked under Robi's direction before. The story of each of Robi's plays is a close life story. That's why I get a great response even after working hard." sarika said, "I believe I will get a good response for the play 'Kagojer Manush'. Because Robi has made the play with a lot of effort. Everyone we have worked with has collaborated from their positions. I liked working under Robi's direction. I got Apu i and Sajal bhai as my co-stars in this play. The two have tried their best to play their roles perfectly. I hope the work will be a very good one for the audience." Rabiul Sikder said, "Every play I write, I try to work with the same preparation as before making a movie. But due to the budget, I can’t do it in the end." Rabiul Sikder said the drama 'Kagojer Manush' will be on aired on a satellite channel and a YouTube channel next Eid.

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