• JUNE 01, 2023

Safa's ‘Je Chilo Amar’

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  • Published: 04 Mar 2021, 11:38 AM

Safa Kabir is one of the most popular actresses of this time in TV dramas. She has soaked herself in the love of the audience by acting in plays with good stories. A few days ago, he acted in a play called 'Toke Ami Valobasi' with Sohel Arman and Apurba directed by Nazmul Rony. 

This time, Safa has completed the work of a play called 'Je Chilo Amar' written and directed by Sohel Arman. ‘Riya’ is the name of Safar's character in the play. Regarding working with Safa, director Sohel Arman said, “Tousif is co-artist of Safa Kabir in this play. This is my first time working with them. Safa is a high qualified actress. I really enjoyed working with her. I want to do more work with her in the future because Safa is a very conscious actress. Moreover, she sits sincerely with the director with the script and tries to understand her character better. I believed that the audience would like my play very much.” Sohel Arman said the play will be on-aired soon. 

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