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Passing busy times

Actress Mithila. COURTESY

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  • Published: 26 Feb 2021, 07:55 PM

Mithila, delighted popular model and actress, sometimes in Dhaka and sometimes in Calcutta, this is how she spends her time. But now she will spend more time in Dhaka, she said. Because she will work in several dramas / telefilms for the upcoming Eid.  Meanwhile, Mithila has completed a short film, a web series and a drama.

Mithila has completed the work of a short film called ‘Miao’ directed by Tanim Rahman Anshu. Earlier, she completed the work of the web series ‘Contract’ directed by Tanim Noor and Krishnendu Chattopadhyay. In the last two days, she has completed the work of a drama called 'Lovers' directed by Preity Dutt. In the next few days, Mithila is going to work on another play directed by Preity Dutt, she said.  Mithila said that she had earlier acted in a web series called 'Ekattar' for Hoichoi directed by Tanim Noor.

Speaking about working in films, web series and dramas, Mithila said, “Now I have to stay in Dhaka regularly. Because there is a final word to do a lot of work ahead of Eid. I am preparing to do those things. I will be seen as a politician in ‘Contract’. I never worked in such a character before. Tanim Noor and Krishnendu have done a lot of work. Again, I played the role of a pregnant girl in a short film directed by Anshu. I have always loved his work.”

“I have never worked with Preity Dutt. Since the number of women producers in our country is very low, so I also want to work under the guidance of Preity. Because I loved watching a few of her works on YouTube before working with her.”

Mithila, meanwhile, said she is working on the programme ‘Early Childhood Development’, a project of BRAC International's. However, she is now working from home for her office. That is why she is able to work in Kolkata or Dhaka whenever she wants. 

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