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Mosharraf Karim and Himi in ‘Biggapon’

Popular actor Mosharraf Karim and actress Himi. COURTESY

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  • Published: 15 Mar 2021, 11:13 AM

Popular actor Mosharraf Karim and actress Himi have acted in a play called ‘Biggapon’. The play is composed by Ashraful Chanchal and directed by Sohail Rana Emon. Shooting of the play has been completed in different locations of Pubail near the capital. The drama ‘Biggapon’ has been made to be aired on NTV next Eid. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mosharraf Karim said, “The story of this play is very different. Nowadays, I feel a kind of attraction when I taste a little different story or something new. This is a very different story than those. Humour of this story is also subtle and the audience will have a lot of fun watching it. We worked on the play in three days. All in all, Emon has tried to make a good drama. I have acted in two plays under his direction before. He has tried to build them quite honestly. I am happy to work with Emon.”

Regarding acting in the play, Himi said, “I got the first opportunity to work in three plays together with Mosharraf Bhai. The experience of working with him from the first is very good. Being an artist, he easily blended in with his co-artists and collaborated in acting, which is really unimaginable. He always gives a lot of inspiration while shooting. We have tried our best to do the work under the direction of Emon Bhai in the play. The viewer will have a lot of fun watching it till the last stage of the story. Thanks to the whole unit, including Emon Bhai.”

Emon said that Waliul Haque Rumi, Hime Hafeez, Nur A Alam Nayan, Nikul Kumar, Masud Harun and others have also acted in the play ‘Biggapon’. 

Mosharraf Karim and Himi first acted together in three consecutive sequels directed by Kochi Khandaker. 

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