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Judges of the same ceremony

Lux star actress and fiction writer Shanarei Devi Shanu with Airin Sultana COURTESY

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  • Published: 23 Feb 2021, 12:29 PM

February 22 was the birthday of Lux star actress and fiction writer Shanarei Devi Shanu. On the eve of birthday, the actress celebrated her birthday by cutting a cake at her home in Lalmatia, at the initiative of actress Airin. Shanu and Irene have developed a wonderful friendship while working as judges together on a reality show ‘Ananya Protiva’, awaiting airing on NTV

This is the first multi talent hunt reality show in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi citizens of any age can take part in this event. Meanwhile, as judges, Shanu and Airin have given yes cards to various talented boys and girls in Sylhet, Chittagong, Khulna and Barisal. There is one more judge with them. He is the musician Pulak. Shanu and Airin left for Rajshahi yesterday (Monday). Today in Rajshahi they will try to find ‘Ananya Protiva’.

Shanu and Airin are the judges of the primary round of the ‘Anaya Prativa’ show. The show is being produced and directed by Wahidul Islam Shuvro.

Speaking as the judge of the show, Shanu said, "We are taking a lot of time to find the real talent. I am patiently trying to bring out the talents of the participants. Many reality shows demonstrate that competitors are treated badly, we are not doing that. I am trying to bring out their talents by inspiring the contestants with as much humility.”

"I've never been a judge before," said Airin. “So the first day I started working as a judge, I was a little scared. But since it is a team work, the fear of working together later is gone. However, we are getting more talented musicians in songs. But we hope to find talent in our lost traditions, including the circus.”

It is learned that the episodes of Audition round of ‘Ananya Protiva’ will start airing on NTV from next March. 

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