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Exuberant Barisha

Presenter, dancer, actress Barisha Haque. COURTESY

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  • Published: 10 Mar 2021, 12:00 PM

Presenter, dancer, model and actress Barisha Haque was busy throughout the year. However, despite the pressure of work, Barisha Haque has given good news. Her Facebook page, which started its journey six months ago, was verified yesterday morning. She is overjoyed that her page has been verified in just one application in just six months.

“My page started just six months ago,” Barisha said. “A few days ago I applied to verify the page. I didn't have to pay anything extra with that application. But still I am happy that my page has been verified in terms of general application. Anyone who wants to work professionally with me can contact me directly through this page. My schedule can be decided by talking to my manager.”

Meanwhile, Barisha Haque will travel to 64 districts across the country on behalf of a multinational product company. In the meantime, she has been travelled in 6 districts through the campaign on Women's Day. According to her, this is a very big project. Barisha Haque has also acted as a model in an advertisement for Hatil. He will work as a model in a few more advertisements of the same organization.

The first play starring Barisha Haque was ‘Mon Pagal’. Later she also acted in the play ‘Hasir Patri’. She is also interested in acting in films. She is interested in working in commercial cinema.

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