• MAY 31, 2023

Back in presentation after five years

Actress, model Dipa Khandaker. COURTESY

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  • Published: 16 Mar 2021, 10:55 AM

Popular actress, model Dipa Khandaker has come to the presentation again after almost five years. She has come back in the presentation of a program named ‘Cooking Expert’ on Nagarik TV.

Coming back to the presentation, Dipa Khandaker said, “During this break, there were offers to present on many occasions. But I could not do those programmes. I am presenting the cooking expert program as I like the suggestion and arrangement of Nagarik TV. In the meantime, the first episode has been aired. I got a good response right after the first episode aired.”

“Honestly, I feel more comfortable in acting. I like acting the most. Because I think I’m an actress. But sometimes you have to work as a model in advertising, just like you have to work as a presenter all of a sudden. Cooking Expert ’is just such a show. I'm really enjoying it” she added.

Meanwhile, Dipa Khandaker has already completed the work of an advertisement and a documentary. She spoke about the rights of domestic workers in this advertisement initiated by Oxfam on the rights of them. Again for BTV, Dipa has worked on a documentary on how the food of the elderly should be. The ad was made by Ahad and the documentary was made by Ramim. Dipa Khandaker is very excited about working on both.

Meanwhile, Dipa Khandaker is acting in the series 'Mayar Bandhan' directed by Rulin Rahman. It is not yet certain when the series will air. She is also starring in another new daily series.

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