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5G messaging empowers digital economy

Global experts tell ZTE Forum

Chinese telecom giant ZTE, in association with GSMA, organized the 5G Messaging Forum at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai recently, said a news release from ZTE Bangladesh on Wednesday. COURTESY

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  • Published: 04 Mar 2021, 02:48 PM

Mobile-based messaging service on fifth-generation (5G) network has empowered the digital economy across the world, telecommunication leaders told an international forum. Chinese telecom giant ZTE, in association with GSMA, organized the 5G Messaging Forum at Mobile World Congress at Shanghai recently, said a news release from ZTE Bangladesh on Wednesday.  More than 300 executives and experts from governments, operators and enterprises around the world attended, both online and offline, to share their experience in 5G Messaging and explore their application prospects.

The forum attracted industry leaders from the GSMA, CCSA (China Communications Standards Association), AFCA (Asia Financial Cooperation Association), China UnionPay, Zhejiang Meteorological Service Centre, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Japan’s KDDI and other leading operators around the world. Besides, representatives from leading 5G Messaging vendors such as ZTE, Guodu Interconnection, Shanghai Dahantricom Corporation and Whale Cloud Technology also participated in the meeting.

Regarding the Forum, ZTE senior vice president Wang Xiang said the 5G Messaging has the potential to have a bright future and we to provide full support for operators in building networks and developing services, leveraging techs to drive the digital economy. “To help drive the digital economy, ZTE will also work with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain, including operators, terminal manufacturers, service providers, and enterprise users, to build a 5G Messaging application ecosystem,” he added.

ZTE supports the three major operators in carrying out industrial research, holding developer competitions and commercial trials, and has incubated over 300 applications in nine major industries such as government and finance. In keynote, ZTE Vice President Wang Quan said the 5G Messaging empowers thousands of industries and will connect the last mile for services to reach users of the digital economy

“The ZTE AnyMessagingcplatform solution supports AnyNetwork (any network access), AnyService (any industrial application access), AnyWhere (any cloud environment deployment) and AnyScale (any capacity deployment),” he said. In collaboration with Chinese operators and industry chain partners, the 5G Messaging industry ecosystem has taken a shape.

More than 60 terminals from mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have been released to support 5G Messaging to date and the system fully demonstrates the innovative application scenarios that can be integrated with thousands of industries. China Unicom General Manager Zhang Yunyong said: “learning from cases in Japan, South Korea, and the United States, the three operators will seek to actively explore ecological cooperation and develop together.”

To accelerate industrial upgrades, ZTE have launched Openlab 2.0, and released the first certification system in the industry, providing CSPs with suggestions on 5G Messaging technology, operation and training.  In April last year, the three major operators in China jointly released a white paper, aiming to make the 5G Messaging service a universal 5G information and communication service with multi-terminal support, wide-coverage, and multi-industry empowerment.

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