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Int'l Women’s Day

Lead the lady

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  • Abrar Bin Islam Echo
  • Published: 08 Mar 2021, 10:07 AM

Women are the artistic force of the universe in almost all its expressions. Life begins in the womb of a woman and it is in her guiding hands and tender care that it finds looks. The warmth of her arms provides supports to many at once. Even one touch from her can heal everything from a broken knee to a broken heart. She works relentlessly, often putting in more hours than are there in one single day. Caring, cleaning, cooking, and still managing to look fresh all the time. She maintains different roles, that of the mother, wife, daughter, friend, counselor, all at once. Doing it all to perfection.

Once all over the world, women were inferior to the production of food, cloth and children. They had no right to hear or understand social or religious conversations. In a society of gender and class discrimination, women were forbidden in the world of thoughts and emotions. 

The religious-social-heavenly and psychic nature of women was denied. From the beginning of the creation, women were considered forbidden. Still in the present days, women are not really taken seriously. Many people still roam around with the same thoughts from the past. Equal rights are still not to be seen clearly. 

Women also wanted to see the world with their eyes full and that desire was cherished very secretly. The French Revolution gave women every chance to fulfill their dreams. Women are hit on the basis of consideration by men from women. 

That injury has discovered women as a social and collective force. But proving every negative mind wrong, women have joined the forefront of the development of world civilization, ignoring the strong religious domination, the bloodthirsty rule of the husbands of the society and the family, the ruthless cruelty of the rulers.

The active role of women in advancing today’s technology-dependent civilization was not created in a day; behind it is a history of long perseverance, labor-time and struggle. Women are one step ahead in the development of intellectual thought and expression. 

In just one century, today’s women’s society has been achieving one success story after another. Women have achieved diversified success in the academic education system. The lamp is lit in the world of light. Printing and electronic media are playing a groundbreaking role in everything from newsgathering to service. 

It has shown ultimate victory in the development of nationalist consciousness of women leadership in running the state and politics from the top of communal thinking. The position of women in engineering and medical science strongly proves that women are the name of a superpower in the development of the universe, in knowledge-science, in thought-consciousness, in action-reaction.

History has stated that time will tell. The need for a women’s liberation movement was felt among working women in the United States after the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft’s book, ‘The Vindication of the Rights of Women’, nearly two hundred years ago. 

At that time, girls from Europe and America were working in various mills to run their families. New York’s garment factories employed a large number of female workers. There was no time limit for work, no break and no rest, along with the risk of various dangers. 

During the work, the owners locked the factory from outside. The women there worked for a very small wage. To get out of this situation, in March 1856, the women workers gathered there and staged a protest procession demanding ten hours of work. The protesters had to retreat that day as they were not organized. 

But the movement did not stop. In March 1911, a fire broke out in a garment factory in New York. One and a half hundred women died while working in the closed factory that day. In response to this incident, a wave of women’s liberation movements broke out in western countries. 

Then, in 1912, the state of Massachusetts introduced the first minimum wage law. At that time American girls did not have the right to vote. On the contrary, their husbands embezzled their hard-earned money.

The women protested against this situation. As a result of their movement, women’s civil suffrage was recognized in the United States in 1920.On the other hand, a meeting of an international communist women’s organization was held in 1911 in Copenhagen, Denmark. One hundred women from seventeen countries attended the conference. 

Clara Zetkin, the leader of the women's liberation movement in Germany, proposed marking March 8 as International Women's Day. In support of her proposal, this day has been celebrated in some countries since 1914 with the aim of establishing women's rights.

Women’s Day is being celebrated, quite well, but is there really any benefit in it? Tomorrow again somewhere you will hear the news of rape, the news of the torture of a wife, sitting up at work and hearing “A woman will not be able to do that”. 

What a woman has to endure on a daily basis cannot be explained even if it is written in precise words. It is natural that the condition of women in a patriarchal society will be like this and this is what we have seen since childhood. Many people will wish you a happy Women's Day on March 8 every year, but there is enough doubt about how much the world respects women. For example, there are several Do’s and Don’ts lists for women today. 

But there is always something called hope, with the mixture of hope and unity we can do better things for women. Like in Bangladesh, the government has sanctioned numerous policies over the past decade focused on women’s rights in the country. The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs has increased allowances for widows, eased the burden on lactating mothers in urban areas and provided job training in fields such as agriculture and electronics. 

The National Women Development Policy of 2011 aimed to establish equal rights for men and women but also included specific goals such as assistance for female entrepreneurs. To oversee the implementation of the development policy, the government formed a 50-member National Women and Child Development Council chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She has also vocally supported women’s empowerment in global forums such as the UN.

We all together can put an end to this discrimination and tortures happening around us, we should have done it long ago. But as we all know that it is not too late for anything, stand up and do something for yourselves and others. Every support we will provide can help the women both mentally and physically. Let us never hesitate to raise our voices for the rights of our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. They need us and even if they don’t, we need to be there by their side. Together we all can stop these negativities; together we can make this world a better and safer place for women.

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