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Putul and Nurul break up

Musician Sajia Sultana Putul with Nurul Islam. COURTESY

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  • Published: 15 Mar 2021, 03:16 PM

Musician Sajia Sultana Putul has finally parted ways with Canadian expatriate Nurul Islam. Putul confirmed the news with a post on social media Facebook where she wrote, "I got married two years ago and started living as a couple. In just a few days of married life I realized that the path is getting harder and harder. This path is not exactly the path of my imagination, the path that can be taken with joy and ease. Differences of opinion and ideology were transformed from mere differences into final conflicts. Relationships were dying, my creative being was being damaged. That's when I decided to separate. There was separation. Then back to my single life, uninterrupted single family with melody and literature".

Putul further writes, "marriage is a matter of happening, there is nothing to happen in divorce. The melody of sadness in separation is in bad spirit. It is better to play that tune alone. There is nothing to celebrate that parting tune with everyone. But the ultimate truth is that somewhere in that melancholy there is the scent of liberation, there is a long sigh to end the silence. Life gets a chance to survive once more. I believe that it is fair to save that life".

Although the separation was a long time ago, Putul has brought the news to light after so many days. In this regard, he wrote, "today is the only reason to say these words after so many days. Today would have been two years of celebrating life together if the relationship had been inside. Since I am living alone, this day has no specialness or glory. Just like any other day of the year. There is nothing to wish. I wish myself the best of luck every day, even today, in the dream of making life easier. No matter how much Facebook recalls, two years ago today, Chuck was just looking forward to his own conviction. Good luck everyone".

By the way, Putul got married to Nurul Islam on March 20, 2019.

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