• MAY 18, 2022

Oni Hasan chasing a bigger dream


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  • Published: 06 May 2022, 11:31 AM

From being Vibe's exciting musical prodigy to a staple of legendary Warfaze, Oni Hasan has accomplished a lot in his musical career. Even though the guitarist does not reside in the country, he is still making music internationally, having evolved tremendously throughout the years.

Oni has released his new single, `Adrenaline Rush’, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

`I am very excited for this song – it's a full-on 260 BPM metal song’, says Oni, who has added many varying styles to his arsenal over the years. `I will have to practice a lot, just in order to play it live’!

A snippet from 'Adrenaline Rush'.

The musician has been keeping busy, being involved in many international music projects. He was recently seen in Jared Dines' `Shred Collab 4’, being the only guitarist from South Asia to be a part of it. “I am indeed very lucky to carry Bangladesh's flag around the world," he says.

The artiste, also a brand ambassador for Kiesel guitars, has a different take on social media, maintaining interaction with his fans at all times.

"My social media handles aren't just about my music – it's the real me, my life, my fitness routines, the food I like to eat”, smiles Oni. `Since my wife is a huge part of my life, she often makes appearances on my posts too”.

Even though as a musician, Oni Hasan loves to explore new avenues, it is inevitable that questions regarding his past bands will inevitably come up.

`I am often asked about Vibe and if there ever will be a reunion. To be honest, I am always up for it’, he says. `The rest is up to the founders’.

`When it comes to Warfaze, I feel in my heart that I never left! I definitely look forward to playing with them when I come to the country’.

Being able to converse with a musician with international perspective, I could not help but ask him about what he feels about our music industry.

`To be honest, it has been the same since I left, which is disappointing’, he says. `I want to see newer bands with modern tastes. Even though there are many talented musicians, the same bands who have been playing for 2 decades show up on posters’.

Oni denotes that this is a part of the reason that he has been chasing a bigger dream outside the country.

`I want to come to Bangladesh and host some guitar clinics, and perform in Coke Studio Bangla, that are my immediate plans’, says the musician. If that does happen, fans are in for a wild ride.

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