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Nishita's 'Mann Balaka'

Popular musician Nishita Baruya. COURTESY

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  • Published: 12 Mar 2021, 11:47 AM

The marriage ceremony of popular musician Nishita Baruya was completed on 24th February. Shortly after the wedding, Nishita participated in the shooting of the music video Women's Day special song 'Shono Prithibi Shono'. The song is written by Adhara Jahan and tune by Alam Ara Minu and composed by Manam Ahmed. Nishita led the song sung by group of singer. Nishita's new song is going to be release on Thursday after her wedding. The title of the song is 'Mann Balaka'. The song is written by Jamal Hossain and the melody is composed by Muhin Khan. Nishita said that the song was released on Rangana Music's YouTube channel at 2.59 pm on Thursday. Regarding the song, Nishita Baruya said, "This is my first time to sing a song written by Revered Jamal bhai and composed by Muhin. Mann Balaka, as much as I like the title of the song, I also like the words of the song very much. And the melody is also quite melodious. All in all, I liked the song very much. I hope the listeners will also like Mann Balaka."

Jamal Hossain said, "Nishita's voice is completely different. So I am very hopeful that the audience will like this song. Because Nishita also sang the song with enough sincerity." 'Meanwhile, Nishita Baruya will perform on a stage show on March 13 at Maulvi Bazar. She will later perform in a show in the capital on March 15. So far, Nishita has been busy with stage shows. Talking about married life, Nishita said, "I am trying to understand the new life, but I am doing different things around this life. Everyone will pray for me, for us." 

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