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Imran-Keya in a new song

Popular musician Imran and young actress Keya Payel. COURTESY

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  • Published: 20 Mar 2021, 12:00 PM

Earlier, popular musician Imran and young actress Keya Payel of this generation also appeared as models in a music video. After a break of a few days, Keya Payel is appearing as a model in Imran's song again. Imran said that Keya Payel will be with him as a model in his new song ‘Aalo’.

The song 'Alo' was written by Bariul Islam Jibon and the melody was composed by Imran Mahmudul himself. Imran said that Pony Chakma sang with him in the song. The music video of the song has been made by Saikat Reza.

Regarding the song, Imran said, “A few days ago, Keya Payel worked as a model for one of my songs. The song was written by Jamal Hossain Bhai and the music was composed by me. My co-artist was Kona Apu. This song is written by Rabiul Islam Jibon. I really like the lyrics of this song written by him. I did a wonderful melody as much as I could; there was no shortage of music. Pony Chakma, one of my favorite students, also sang very well with me. All in all there has been a song suitable for this time. I hope the audience will like it very much. Thanks to Saikot Reza for making a nice music video. Thanks to Keya Payel too.”

Kaya Payal said, “The last time I worked with Imran on a music video for a song that I love so much. ‘Aalo’is our new job. I am getting a lot of response. I hope to get more response for ‘Aalo’ InshaAllah. 

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