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Haimanti's 'Chader Bari'

Singer Haimanti Rakshit Das. COURTESY

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2021, 11:15 AM

Delightful musician of this generation Haimanti Rakshit Das's brings new song 'Chander Bari'. Haimanti confirmed that it will be released on Haimanti's own YouTube channel on March 19, the birthday of Haimanti's husband Asim Das. The song is written by Kabir Bakul. The melody of the song is composed by renowned tabla player and composer Pallab Sanyal. The music of the song has been arranged by Sourav Babai Chakraborty. Regarding the song, Haimanti Rakshit Das said, "I sang by the tune of the Pallab da before in my album. My co-artist was Asif bhai. I got quite a response for that album. It really has to be said that Pallab da's tune is very well. Listeners can easily share their feelings with the melody. In the midst of his melody, I myself became very emotional. The song 'Chander Bari' is just like that. Dada has created a wonderful melody that touches the mind. And Kabir Bakul bhai was always fond of writing. He also wrote this song wonderfully. Overall I am optimistic about the song. The song will be released on my own YouTube channel on my husband's birthday. I hope everyone will like the song." 

Haimanti will perform on stage show in Cox's Bazar on March 15 and in Chittagong on March 18. Haimanti is scheduled to sing at a function in honor of the country's prime minister on March 24. Haimanti's three songs have been released on last Valentine's Day. Haimanti said that from now, her new songs will be released on her own YouTube channel every month. Meanwhile, the song 'Akash Megh Dekhecho' sung by Haimanti by the tune of Runa Laila and sung Raja Kashef was released from Dhruvo Music Station last year. The song is written by Kabir Bakul. Regarding the song, Haimanti said, "I will not say too much, I will just say that this song is a blessing in my life." Haimanti has already sung a song for Bangladesh Betar to the tune of Farid Ahmed. The song is written by Nasir Ahmed.

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