• MARCH 28, 2023

Biplob-Oishi’s ‘Mone Loy Abar Sei’

singer Fatima Tuz Zahra Oishee with Biplob Saha. COURTESY

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  • Published: 11 Mar 2021, 12:02 PM

Recently, National Film Award winning singer Fatima Tuz Zahra Oishee sang a completely different song. The title of the song is ‘Mane Loy Abar Sei’. Singing the song, Oishee is very excited and happy. It is written by Jiban Farooqi and is composed by Ujjal Sinha. Biplob Saha co-stars with Oishee in the song.

Oishee sang a song of her choice and expressed great optimism about it. “In every line of this song, in every word, we have so many different memories. Biplob Saha Dada is behind the creation of the song. I believe that the audience of all classes will love it and everyone will go back to those old days. Gratitude, love to the whole team of the song.”

Biplob Saha said, “All creative work is actually done at the behest of God. I would say the same in the case of this wonderful song. In other words, I believe that the music video of this song will be one of the best music videos of any festival. Thanks to those who participated in the music video.”

Biplob Saha is the main thinker and director of the song 'Mane Loy Abar Sei'. It is learned that the song will be released on Biswarang's YouTube channel on the first Baishakh. 

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