• MAY 31, 2023

Beauty’s ‘Saiji’ released

Folk singer Beauty. COURTESY

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  • Published: 16 Mar 2021, 10:51 AM

The Lalon festival has started in Kushtia from March 14. On this occasion, the new song 'Saiji' by Beauty has been released on Monday. The song is written by Jamal Hossain and the melody is composed by Muhin Khan. It has been released on Rangan Music's YouTube channel.

Regarding the song, Beauty said, “Honestly, we are all in a bad mood at the moment. Because in the road accident we lost two talented musicians of the country, the respected Partha Da and Hanif Bhai. We have suffered irreparable damage. They had such a wonderful relationship with everyone that we all lost our family members. However, life goes on according to the rules of life. In the meantime, on the occasion of Lalon Utsav, the song Sanji sung by me has been published. Jamal Bhai wrote the song so beautifully that I became very emotional while singing. The melody of the song is like joining the soul.”

“After the song was released, I am getting little response. I hope to get more response for the song in the future. Thanks to Revered Jamal Bhai for writing such a wonderful song for me. Honestly, some songs come to mind, Saiji is just such a song,” she added.

Meanwhile, Beauty has performed on RTV's Folk Station. She sang a cancer awareness song at the initiative of the National Cancer Research Institute. Beauty has taken part in a stage show in Rupganj, Narayanganj. As her youngest son Raheel is only four months old, she has not been able to engage in stage shows like herself yet. 

Late last year, Beauty won the Best Artist award at the Channel i Music Awards for her song ‘Krishna Kalia’.

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