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A novel based on environmental issues


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  • Armin Islam Bipa
  • Published: 17 Mar 2021, 11:42 AM

Contemporary crisis, disasters takes away happiness and peace from people's daily life and affects surroundings. But nature is the only savior acting as a constant guardian to relieve us from the pain. Rivers, canals, other water bodies, trees, forests, hills and so many things are being destroyed by us. 

Are we showing the proper responsibilities to it rather than showing cruelty to Mother Nature? Though the world seems developed, the human is suffering from inside with mental illness. Beautiful time is flying but we can’t take the flavor of that, we are feeling suffocated to see the lack of thoughtfulness all around us. Only a few people are questioning, “where is the peace?”

Less privileged people are working with the risk of their lives, yet they are prepared to run the nation on a low income. Honesty at work is a risk to life. Dr. Fazlul Haque Saikat said “The light of rural culture, which is very familiar to our ancestors, is no longer seen today, but at some turning point of life, new generations feel the necessity of that light. In the end, a wind of longing to build a human society accumulates in the mind of a lost person" 

Mother, how are you? May be good or not. 

Mother is a psychological word. No child in the world can fill a mother's debt. In recent times, mothers took place in the nucleolus family. They are tolerant and generous. She left their happiness thinking about the happiness and peace of the child. Mother, who lives in the village, speaks with trees thinking these are her child. Mother is lonely; the child is busy, restless and stacked in a traffic jam in the city. Neighbors crawl on the village property, mother can’t resist alone. One of these kinds is Sajeda Begum. In this novel, she is characterizing a generous village mother. Her child is busy in city life and she has no complaints about it. The neighbor’s children are now her children. The sketch of the behind stories of village and town are the main issues of ‘Girikanya’. 

The lonely silent villages are observing the city life - full of disaster, inhumanity, dishonesty. Audri and Parijat are the two brave characters of this novel. They are working as environmental activists. Fighting with society and family, they are thinking to change the society and culture. They think that we have to change ourselves. 

In search of the root, they are thinking that life is a war. All of these issues are depicted in the novel ‘Girikanya’.

Girikanya by Shahmub Jewel

Publishing in Ekushey Book Fair-2021

Publisher: Desh Publications

Cover: Mostafiz Karigar

Price: 500 / - (Five hundred tk only)

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