• JUNE 01, 2023

Tarique faces case under DSA for terming Zia ‘father of nation’

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  • Published: 02 Mar 2021, 12:46 PM

BNP's acting chairman Tarique Rahman has been sued under the Digital Security Act for distorting the history terming Ziaur Rahman ‘the father of the nation of Bangladeshi nationalism.’

Muhammad Zahidul Islam, a student of the Dhaka University and Chatra League leader of Shahidullah Hall, Thursday filed a case with Shahbagh police against Tarique, according to the information disclosed on Sunday.

As per the case, Tarique was sued for distorting the history, as on the occasion of BNP's founding anniversary in London, he termed Zia as the father of the nation of Bangladeshi nationalism. 

"Those who are present today at the meeting and who are connected through cameras and technology, we all can decide together that our leader president Ziaur Rahman is the father of the nation of Bangladeshi nationalism,’ he said at the meeting.

‘Ziaur Rahman is not only the father of the Bengali nation, also the father of the people who live in 55,126 square miles of area, who identify themselves as Bangladeshi,’ according to the case statement.

The plaintiff said that Tarique Rahman, in the meeting, provided this fabricated and false information with the intention of destabilizing Bangladesh.

He tried to distort history by spreading misleading information about the father of the nation.

The case alleges that his deliberate distortion of history will derail the law and order by confusing people.

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