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Sushma in the grant movie 'Gangkumari'

Actress Sushma Sarkar COURTESY

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  • Published: 18 Feb 2021, 06:49 PM

Actress Sushma Sarkar, is perfect artist for playing different types of characters. That's why she gets a exceptional importance from the producers when it comes to playing exceptional characters. In continuity of dominance, this time she has acted in the government-funded movie 'Gangkumari'. 

Sushma returned to Dhaka yesterday after taking part in the shooting of this movie at a beautiful location in Sunamganj a few days ago. In the movie, she is playing the role of 'Roshanai'. Regarding her role in the film, Sushma Sarkar said, "I had earlier acted in a film called 'Bhuvan Majhi', which was a government-funded film. And 'Gangkumari' is the second movie I acted in with government grant. I like those character very much. I try to portray any character as best I can. I want to give the dignity of the trust that the producers work with me by acting. However, it is also true that you don't just get a chance to work in a good character, you have to hold that character in yourself and nurture it. I have tried to present myself in front of the camera by cherishing the light of Gangakumari in myself. I have acted with the best actor Tarik Anam Khan bhai, there was Farzana Chumki apa and many more. Above all, the performance was very enjoyable. And the location of Sunamganj was also very beautiful. The mind is full of going there and working. Thanks to the director and the whole unit. I am very optimistic about the movie Gangakumari."

Meanwhile, Sushma Sarkar has already completed the work of 'Ural' directed by Rajiv Ahsan of Shishu Academy. In the meantime, there is talk of working on another grant movie. However, it is not final here. Meanwhile, Sushma has acted in a play for the first time under the direction of Afsana Mimi. 

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