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shooting starts again...

Film stars Ferdous and Sohana Saba. COURTESY

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  • Published: 12 Mar 2021, 11:50 AM

Renowned actor, TVC director Afzal Hossain is making his first movie this time. He started work on his first film 'Maniker Lal Kankra' last year with Anjir Liton's story, Masum Raza's screenplay. But because of Corona, everyone had to stay under house arrest for a certain period of time. After being under house arrest for a long time, Afzal Hossain has started working on the movie in Uttara of the capital from March 10. Manik Banerjee became one of the most powerful writers of the twentieth century. Although he started writing literature with a bet, he used to call himself a 'pen-worker'. Afzal Hossain is making 'Maniker Lal Kankra' based on the life of that betting writer. 

The film stars Ferdous and Sohana Saba in two important roles. Speaking on the film, Ferdous Ahmed said, "Honestly, Afzal uncle is the first living hero I have ever met. When he was very popular on TV, very busy, he used to visit us as my uncle's friend. I call him Uncle since childhood. I have worked in many advertisements under his direction. I know why I had a desire in my mind that I want to be the hero of his first movie. But I had no idea that coincidence would be fulfilled in this way. I believe 'Maniker Lal Kankra' will be an impeccable painting like uncle Afzal's. We have been working on this in a wonderful environment since the beginning of the making of the movie. Sohana Saba and I have worked in few movies but every movie is significant. 'Maniker Lal Kankra' is a family story movie, focusing on a child. My friendship with Saba is wonderful. Although we work less, the communication is regular."

Sohana Saba said, "The biggest reason to act in this movie is the producer Afzal bhai. We are working on the last lot after exactly one year. I am doing the work with great love, there is a great enthusiasm in my mind. Honestly, I have learned a lot from Ferdous bhai. Because I got it at the beginning of the movie. And the revered Afzal bhai is such a gifted man that it is a privilege to hear small words about his acting from his side, and it is good to be around him." 

Work is underway with the aim of releasing him soon. Earlier, Ferdous and Sohana Saba had acted together in Kabari's first film 'Aina' and Murad Parvez's 'Brihannala'.

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