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Shirin Shila in ‘Nodir Jole Shapla Vashe’

Actress Shirin Shila. COURTESY

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2021, 12:43 PM

Actress Shirin Shila is taking is very busy with her studies. And as soon as her exam is over, Shirin Shila is going to start work on her new movie ‘Nodir Jole Shapla Vashe’ from March 5 in Rajshahi. The story is written by Mashiur Rahman and directed by Mehedi Hasan.

Speaking about working on the movie, Shirin Shila said, "The story of the movie is amazing in one word. I’ve worked on a lot of movies so far. But it is true that the story of this movie has touched my heart more. That’s why I’m looking forward to doing the job. The director has a strong interest in making the work to his liking. Some films are director's dream movies. This is the dream movie of Mehdi Bhai for a long time. I believe this movie will bring me a lot of respect.”

Asked if she wants to get a job after graduation, Shirin Shila said, her job is to act in movies. So for now, her thoughts are as much about acting. She studied for her own satisfaction. 

The movie 'Direct Action' starring Shirin Shila will be released next Eid. Opposite her is the drama actor Emon.

Regarding 'Direct Action', Sheela said, “The previous name of this movie was ‘Sahosi Joddha’. It also gave me the opportunity to work with Poppy Apu and Amin Bhai. I am very optimistic about the movie.  The released movies starring Shirin Shila are ‘Hit Man’ , ‘Khaniker Bhalobasha', 'Mia Bibi Razi' etc.

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