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Shakib Khan is mournful

Top hero Shakib Khan COURTESY

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  • Published: 22 Feb 2021, 12:11 PM

The country's top hero Shakib Khan has expressed deep grief over the death of ATM Shamsuzzaman. He said, the film’s pioneers are all leaving one by one, which is a huge loss for the industry. In his words, “Those who are the pioneers of Bengali films are leaving one by one. Legendary ATM Shamsuzzaman Uncle has joined there this time.”

Shakib Khan thinks that ATM Shamsuzzaman was one of the wise men of the film. In his words, “Uncle was such a simple man, with whom everything could be said frankly. I have always received good advice from this man. After all, ATM Uncle was a very talented man with a great sense of humor.”

ATM Shamsuzzaman and Shakib Khan have acted together in more than a dozen films. Notable among these are 'Doctor Bari, ‘Amar Shapno Tumi’, 'Nachnewali' etc.

Shakib Khan thinks that ATM Shamsuzzaman was brilliant through drama, cinema, writing, and reading. According to him, "It is difficult to find such a multi-faceted talented person now."

In the death of ATM Shamsuzzaman, Shakib Khan has not only lost his favorite actor, but also a guardian. "I am just sad to lose you. Wherever you are, stay well ATM Shamsuzzaman Uncle”, he prayed. 

Ekushey Padak-winning actor ATM Shamsuzzaman returned home from the hospital Friday (February 19th) afternoon. Then the legend went to ‘the land of no return’ at midnight.

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