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Mind on Chokh


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  • Published: 02 Mar 2021, 09:34 AM

After getting a good story and character, Bubly returned to work at the end of the break. It has been a week since Asif Iqbal started working on the movie 'Chokh', starring Bubly.

In the middle of the movie work, Bubly gave the news of the recognition of excellence in acting. On February 26, she won the Digital Media Award 2020 for Best Actress for her performance in ‘Bossgiri'.

Receiving the award, Bubli said, “I am very grateful to all the juries involved in this award and I have a lot of love for all the fans for whom I have got this award. It is a great inspiration to do better in the future.”

Bubly is currently busy working on the movie ‘Chokh’ under the direction of Asif Iqbal Jewel. In this movie, Bubly is playing the role of Rejoni. Earlier, Bubly had acted in the movie 'Casino' opposite Nirab. However, this is the first time Bubly is acting with Roshan.

Speaking about acting in the movie 'Chokh', Bubly said, “We have been talking about working in this movie with Jewel Bhai for some time. I loved hearing the story. The story of ‘Chokh’ is so wonderful that my mind is on it all the time. All my thoughts revolve around the Rejoni character in this movie. I believe that the audience will love this movie.”

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