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‘This is a conspiracy against me’

Actor Ananta Jalil. COURTESY

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  • Published: 24 Aug 2022, 12:22 PM

In response to ‘Din-The Day’ director Morteza Atashzamzam's claim that the film is actually made on the budget of BDT 4 crore, Ananta Jalil remarked that this is a conspiracy against him. 

Recently, Morteza took to social media, accusing Ananta Jalil of breaching the terms of agreement for the movie. In an Instagram post today, he also accused Ananta of not paying him in full.

‘This is a deep conspiracy against me, and I am sure that someone from Bangladesh is making him do it’, said Ananta Jalil. ‘We were on good terms even a few days ago, and now this. I will talk to my lawyer about this’.

The actor also remarked that he is being targeted by someone. ‘Obviously, there is someone who does not want me to be in the film industry, and this is why they are making the director do these’.

Morteza revealed in an earlier post that that the actual budget for the film was USD 500,000. When converted to taka, this amounts to around BDT 4 crore, which is in stark contrast to the BDT 100 crore previously mentioned by Ananta Jalil.

The Iranian director mentioned that, according to the agreement, Ananta was supposed to provide the entire budget for the film as an investment. Thereby, as an investor, Ananta would take 85 percent of the film's profits, while he would take the remaining 15 percent as the producer.

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