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Elections these days are one-sided: EC Mahbub

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2021, 09:26 AM

The country nowadays sees lopsided elections. But such elections cannot be an element of multi-party democracy, said Election Commissioner Mahbub Taluker on Monday. 

“Looking back at the past, I feel we need self-assessment. We feel complacent with almost all the elections saying those free, fair and peaceful ones. But our sayings are not consistent with the people's realisation. There should be an effort to hear not only from political parties but also from the people,” he said in a media release, marking the commencement of the fifth year of the commission. 

EC Mahbub noted that the election management is now on the edge due to a lack of necessary amendment. Negotiation is needed among the political parties and all sides concerned to fix the issue. 

“Going through the results of the municipality polls, I assume that the elections are now heading to asylum. An election is meant for choosing a candidate out of many through voting. But it is hardly seen in recent days,” he said, raising a question “is the elections are pre-determined?” 

Observing that breaching code of conduct and violence have now been common in elections, Mahbub Talukder came up with a fear that union parishad elections that are slated for May this year in phases may also see violence. 

He stressed finding a way to get rid of the curse of death during the election. 

“It is a must to look into why our efforts to hold a fair election is not being effective and take necessary steps,” he added.


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