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  • “I will be the best president in the history of BCB”: Shakib Al Hasan

“I will be the best president in the history of BCB”: Shakib Al Hasan

Cricketer Shakib AL Hasan PHOTO: CRICKETER

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  • Published: 21 Mar 2021, 09:57 AM

Shakib Al Hasan has taken a leave of absence from the cricket board to play in the IPL during the Bangladesh Test series in Sri Lanka. The BCB has also granted leave. BCB president Nazmul Hasan also criticized Shakib for taking leave. He also raised the question about Shakib's desire to play Tests. Naturally, a storm of discussion has taken place in the cricket ground of Bangladesh. However, Shakib had been keeping his mouth shut for so long. Shakib was not heard to say anything to clear his position.

Finally, Shakib came to an online media Facebook live event today and revealed his position. Asked about the Sri Lanka series and the IPL, Shakib said, "It's just that I don't want to play Tests. I am sure when I wrote to the BCB, everyone who said I did not want to play Tests or would not play Tests did not read the letter. This is a big deal. I did not mention anywhere in my letter that I did not want to play Tests. As I just mentioned, I want to play in the IPL at this time in preparation for the World Cup. That's all I said. "

 Shakib Al Hasan on Facebook Live.

Claiming that his letter had been misinterpreted, Shakib said, "Akram Bhai (BCB's head of cricket management Akram Khan) has repeatedly said, 'I don't want to play.' I don't think he read the letter. I would like to thank Papon Bhai (BCB President Nazmul Hasan) for making the right decision. Players should be given this freedom. If the board or the head of the board helps a cricketer in this way, then the confidence of the cricketer increases. Later, the cricketers' responsibility towards the national team also increased. I would like to thank Papun Bhai from there. '

Explaining his position, Shakib further said, 'If the series was on time, this question would not have arisen. The Corona epidemic has turned everything upside down. The matches are part of the Test Championship. We have these two matches. We are at the bottom of the points list. Not that we will play the final if we win these two matches. I don't think there will be too much of that. '

Another reason for opting for the IPL without playing two Tests is the preparations for the T20 World Cup, said Shakib, adding that India has a T20 World Cup at the end of this year. Which is very important. We have the opportunity to achieve a lot there. There is no such opportunity in these two Tests. Of course, if the team wins two Tests then it is much better. But look at the bigger picture, I think our country has a chance to achieve something big, it is a good opportunity. '

At the same time, the team will get a chance to see the newcomers as Shakib is not there. "We have been playing a lot of cricketers for a long time," he said. It can be an opportunity to see newcomers. I was out of the Test for quite some time. I played a test, got injured when I went there. The last seven or eight Tests that Bangladesh has played, they have played without me. I don't think there will be much of a loss. Rather a couple of cricketers could be made. There may be an opportunity to see newcomers. '

Shakib has also directly criticized the process of making BCB cricketers. While crediting Khaled Mahmood, head of the BCB's game development department, for the success of the age-based team, he questioned the efficiency of the high-performance department set up to rub cricketers.

Given the opportunity, Shakib himself wants to be involved in the cricket administration of Bangladesh. I want to work in the highest position for Bangladesh cricket, ‘I think, if I can ever run for the post of BCB president, no one else in Bangladesh will be able to do what I will do. Of course, if I am in cricket and the opportunity comes for me to be the BCB president, I would want to be the BCB president. I know, I will be the best president in the history of BCB. I believe very well, it is possible for me. '

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