• MARCH 28, 2023

Police to enforce health rules from Mar 21


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  • Published: 19 Mar 2021, 01:11 PM

The police are gearing up to ensure effective implementation of government-imposed health rules from Mar 21 to stem a surge in coronavirus cases.

“Police will launch a special program to motivate people to follow the health rules. The rural population will also be encouraged. If needed, we will distribute masks for free,” Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed said on Sunday.

Addressing citizens, the IGP said, “Never forget to wear masks. Masks must be put on as soon as you step outside. Economic activities must continue, so must the health rules.”

“We want to inspire people to wear masks, rather than forcing them to. We hope everybody follows health restrictions for themselves and their families.”

Responding to a question on organizing public gatherings at a press briefing at Rajarbagh Police Auditorium, Benazir said, “If you must, it will require approval, while all health rules must be followed strictly.”

On the possibility of another lockdown being enforced due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, he said that different measures would be put in place taking the situation into account. “For now, everyone must wear masks and follow health rules.”

“We will be able to bring the coronavirus crisis under control only if we can strictly avoid moving around recklessly.”

Benazir pointed out that the situation was brought somewhat under control towards the end of 2020. “But it’s been resurging this month.”

“Police never hesitated to perform their duties from the outset of the crisis, rather they went out of their way to be with the masses. We want to carry out our responsibilities together with the people this time as well.”

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