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  • I will not continue politics under any corrupted leader: Quader Mirza

I will not continue politics under any corrupted leader: Quader Mirza

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  • Published: 17 Mar 2021, 02:19 PM

Abdul Quader Mirza, younger brother of Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader, has said that he will not do politics behind any 'corrupted' leader. He will follow Bangabandhu's ideology & sheikh Hasina's development. He said this to the followers after laying flowers on the mural of Bangabandhu at Bangabandhu Chattar at Basurhat Zeropoint in Companiganj on Wednesday. However, according to his commentary, he did not mention who the 'corrupted' leader was.

Quader Mirza said, ‘My leader (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) asked me to stay calm. I will pray to Allah for judgement. And I have prepared all the papers. I will hand them over to the people's leader Sheikh Hasina. I will not do politics under any corrupted leader. I do politics in the ideology of Bangabandhu. I do politics for the development of Sheikh Hasina. '

According to local sources in Basurhat, Mayor of Basurhat Municipality Abdul Quader Mirza laid flowers at Basurhat Bangabandhu Chattar at 10 am today. At that time 100 to 150 followers of Quader Mirza were present there. In his address to his followers at the time, Quader Mirza said, "Today, the Deputy Commissioner has closed all the celebrations of Bangabandhu's birth centenary by issuing a notification." It is also a conspiracy against us, against the party, against the municipality. It cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. '

Quader Mirza said, "The conspiracy that is going on here today is one-sided. We tred to sue them, they didn’t issue the case. We went to court and filed a case. Not a single person was arrested. But in the last two days, the police have arrested 11 of our leaders and activists. One of our leaders is Kanchan (Main Uddin). In his house, Badal led by DB and the investigation officer (inspector-investigation) entered Kanchan's house with two men. They left two bullets in the house and filed a case against him. '

Referring to the March 9 violence in Basurhat as a nightmare, Quader Mirza said, "About  2,000 shots were fired in my municipality. Police have not arrested a single person. Today the police are raiding the houses of the traders. When the traders protested against the gunmen, the police attacked them. I am not afraid of anyone's bloodshot eyes. As many incidents are happening here, judicial investigation has to be done from Dhaka. The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has been allowed to investigate the case. The SP is influencing the PBI and diverting the cases to different sectors.

Quader Mirza claimed, ‘The OCs of DC, SP and DB of Noakhali, OC, UNO of Companiganj, Aceland, OC-investigation; If they are not withdrawn, peace will not come to Companiganj. And as many incidents as there are in Companiganj, these have to be investigated by the judiciary. If I am found guilty in the investigation, action should be taken against me. '

The situation has not returned to normal even after a week of retaliatory attacks and clashes at Basurhat in Companiganj upazila. The panic of the common people has not abated. Police have been deployed at various important places in Basurhat to keep the situation normal.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Companiganj Police Station Mir Jahedul Haque said that the overall situation in Basurhat of Companiganj is now normal. Mayor Quader Mirza observed the program on March 17 at Bangabandhu Chattar. Police are deployed at important places including Bangabandhu Chattar, Municipality Gate and Rupali Chattar in the city. No new arrests were made last night. However, the police operation is still on.

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