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Tapan returns after one year

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  • Published: 07 Mar 2021, 11:28 AM

Tapan Chowdhury is one of those who have enriched the music scene in Bangladesh, especially in modern songs, with their own band and solo singers. That popular musician Tapan Chowdhury suddenly came to Dhaka on Friday after almost a year. After arriving in Dhaka, he is resting at his home in Eskaton, the capital.

Tapan Chowdhury said, “Because of Corona, I did not have the opportunity to come to the country from Canada for a year. My wife and children live there, that's why I live in Canada at a certain time of the year. But even though I wanted to come to the country earlier, it was too late to come because of Corona.”

Regarding stage shows, TV shows, new songs, Tapan Chowdhury said, “I just came to the country. Nobody knows that I am coming to the country. But I want to perform on stage, sing on TV. Maybe, however, the main reason for coming to the country is the 50th anniversary of independence on March 26. At that moment, I wanted to stay in my beloved homeland. I prayed to God that I could stay in the country at that moment, come home with that dream and hope. I want to enjoy the golden jubilee of independence.”

Tapan Chowdhury became an overnight star as an artist after the song 'Mon Shudhu Mon Chhuyeche' on behalf of the band 'Souls' in 1979. 

In 1985, Tapan Chowdhury's first solo album 'Tapan Chowdhury' came on the market under the banner of Sargam. All the songs of this album to the tune of Ayub Bachchu captivate the listeners. However, the most popular album of Tapan Chowdhury is 'Anushochana'.

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