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Irfan-Tisha on 'Facebook'

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  • Published: 05 Mar 2021, 11:59 AM

Amitabh Ahmed Rana and Subrata Mitra have been jointly producing drama now. In that series, both of them have completed the work of making a drama again. The story of the drama is based on real events. The name of the drama is 'Facebook'. The drama is written by Jewel Kabir. Irfan Sajjad and Tasnuva Tisha have played two central roles in it. 

Commenting on the story of the play Amitabh Ahmed Rana said, "A new girl named Orni has come to work in the media. Makeup artist Siddique fell in love with her at the first sight. But Orni likes his co-star Cezan. One day during the shooting, Orni and Cezan left their mobile phones to the make-up artists. Cezan returned home at night and could not open her Facebook. Cezan realizes his Facebook has been hacked. He found Orni's messenger is blocked from his side. Cezan's messenger sent abusive messages to several other people, including various directors. Cezan has to face an embarrassing situation. The story of the play goes ahead this way." 

Irfan Sajjad said in the context of acting in it, "In one word, the story of the play is extraordinary. That's why I agreed for working on it. If everything goes well, hopefully the audience will like the drama. Thanks to Rana Bhai and Subrata Dada for making a play like that."

Producer Amitabh Ahmed Rana said, "The story of this play is the story of a man very close to me. That's why I became enterprising to make a drama about the story. Subrata and I tried to present the story properly. After the rest of the promotion, the audience will be able to tell how it was. Irfan Sajjad and Tasnuva Tisha have both done very well." 

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