• DECEMBER 04, 2022

FWICE issues against Gauahar Khan

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  • Published: 19 Mar 2021, 02:42 PM

Gauahar Khan may protest as much as she likes. The fact is, a large section of the film industry is convinced she flouted the Covid-19 guidelines after being tested positive.

In a swift action, the Federation of Western India Cinema Employees (FWICE) has decided not to work on any film that features Gauahar Khan.

A note signed by Ashoke Pandit, BN Tiwari, Sharad Shelar, Ashok Dubey, Gangeshwar Shrivastav says, “The FWICE highly condemns the act of Ms. Gauahar Khan for resuming shooting after being tested positive for Covid-19 Infection even though she was advised to be quarantined. Her act is highly irresponsible and is against the strict guidelines laid down the Government of India & Maharashtra issued for the Media and Entertainment Industry post resumption of shootings in Maharashtra. It is indeed a serious offense and that she has not only breached the rules issued by the Government but also endangered the lives of the entire crew members working with her on the respective shoot. Such ignorance will not be tolerated by the FWICE and that it thanks the BMC the Mumbai Police for the FIR lodged against Ms. Gauahar Khan, actress Mumbai for her inhuman, disrespectful act towards the other crew members as well as the Government.

The FWICE has jointly decided to issue a Non-Cooperation Directive against Ms. Gauahar Khan for two months and it is hereby advised to all the members of our affiliated craft to distance themselves from being associated with Ms. Gauahar Khan for the next two months until a fresh directive is issued by the FWICE regarding the permission to her for resuming work in the Media and Entertainment Industry.

It is hereby advised to all the members to keep themselves vigilant for such incidents and immediately report to their Production house, association and the FWICE, if any of their crew members is tested positive for the Covid-19 infection and ensure that such persons are not allowed to resume the shootings until they complete the quarantine period and submit the negative report for the said infection.

Any members if found cooperating with Ms. Gauahar Khan shall also be liable for stringent disciplinary action by the FWICE.”

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