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"Choose your life, live with dignity"

Nusrat Jarin, Head of marketing of LBC Media Entertainment Company Ltd. COURTESY

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  • Published: 08 Mar 2021, 11:37 AM

Nusrat Jarin is the Head of marketing of LBC Media Entertainment Company Ltd.LBC Media is the distribution partner of Erosnow and Addatimes in Bangladesh. LBC focuses on contributing to Bangladeshi content in the global platform and bringing international content to the doorstep of the Bangladeshi audience. Sohel Atol spoke to her on the occasion of World Women’s Day.

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” Where do you think the position of women in Bangladesh is?

 The number of working women increased in Bangladesh in the last decade, however during this pandemic life of working women became really tough as they managed the home and work together due to the lockdown, many women lost their job which has also put them in huge pressure. Women also financially contribute in the family, and this pandemic has hit them like just any man in society.

Where is the position of women in the corporate sector in Bangladesh? What is the picture comparable to the global situation?

Well, it's not very different from the global situation here. We hardly see women as a CXO of the company both in Bangladesh and abroad. The good thing is women are aware of it, and working dedicatedly to achieve their Goals. In Bangladesh currently, we can find many department heads, which is a sign that we have many corporate women leaders/decision-makers and they are making their way to the top.

How much do you think the workplace of women is feminine? Is there any discrimination against women? 

The workplace of a woman does not need to be feminine, it must have basic facilities like toilets, prayer rooms, etc. I think it’s more important to make sure the women are getting maternity leave or getting a day off during menstruation if needed. Corporate houses should start having Daycare centers if they want to stop the drop out of women employees.

How useful do you think the laws of Bangladesh are for the freedom and protection of women?

The laws are there but we lack the implication.

How much support or non-cooperation did you get from the society-state behind creating this position of yours as a corporate woman?

 Society will always try to typecast a women’s job as a wife or mother, but becoming financially independent, educated, and having your own identity does stop you from being a wife or mother. I have been fortunate enough to get the support of my family, especially the male members, my father, brother, and husband never treated me differently when it’s about my education or profession.

Are you doing something special for women from your position? What is it?

I try to recruit more women and keep a balance in the team; I also try to support girls’ education through various means channels.

Has your organization taken steps to protect/liberate women?

We work in collaboration with global organizations like Erosnow and Addatimes, we have promised to make content that protects the dignity of women. 

Is there any special content for women on your platform (lbc)? Or is there any content on the occasion of Women's Day?

We have many content focused on women empowerment (erosnow and Addatimes); we will celebrate all of them during women's day. We are making new content as well highlighting the issues created by society against women. We believe it is our social responsibility to create awareness through entertainment. 

What is your definition of a successful woman?

Having to choose your own life and live with dignity, respect, and mental peace.

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