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Staffing – As Part of Human Resource Management (HRM)

The Human Resource Department advanced due to modifications withinside the commercial enterprise environment. COURTESY

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  • Shithi Ahmed
  • Published: 08 Sep 2021, 11:11 AM

Human Resources, ‘the people working withinside the company is the maximum crucial asset for a company. It is the competence and overall performance of human resources, which enables an organization to acquire its goals. To make sure that the positions withinside the organizational shape stays full of certified people, staffing as a characteristic of management recruits, selects, trains, and motivates human beings working withinside the company. In a corporation with a small quantity of personnel, it's far feasible for a manager to carry out all features associated with staffing single-handed. However, with the growth withinside the scale of operations, the variety of personnel increases, making it tough for a manager to manipulate all of the factors of human relations. Therefore, to manipulate human beings successfully companies with a big number of employees create a separate branch known as Human Resource Department. This branch-like every other department of the company is controlled via way of means of human beings with knowledge in every characteristic of staffing.

The Human Resource Department advanced due to modifications withinside the commercial enterprise environment. The Industrial Revolution and the creation of the manufacturing unit system caused the employment of hundreds of human beings beneath neath one roof. It required control to assign the obligation of hiring people which included recruitment, selection, and site of employees. The fast development in an era, in addition, necessitated the want to educate personnel so they obtained applicable skills. The human relations technique identified that the maximum crucial device of fulfillment in a company is its humanitarian resource. The growth in the scope of labor modified the function of employee officer. The employee's officer has become the employee's manager and became eventually changed with a human aid manager.

The employees operating withinside the Human Resource Department carry out specialized sports and duties, which can also additionally include: 

1. Recruitment of certified people. 

2. Preparing activity descriptions, growing repayment and incentive plans. 

3. Training and improvement of personnel for efficient overall performance and professional growth. 

4. Maintaining hard work relations and union-control relations. 

5. Handling grievances and complaints. 

6. Providing for social safety and welfare of personnel. 

7. Defending the organization in complaints and averting felony complications. 

You will agree that nowadays staffing is an inherent part of human useful resource management as it's for the exercise of finding, evaluating, and organizing an operating relationship with people, for a purpose. 

Thus, Human Resource Management is a far broader idea and consists of a much wider gamut of activities.

The following functions display Staffing as part of Human Resource Management- 

Staffing is an essential part of human aid management. It allows procurement and location of the proper individual at the proper jobs. 

Staffing is people-centered: 

It is worried about all classes of employees from the pinnacle to the lowest of the company. The type of employees can be as follows: 

Blue-collar employees Managerial and non-managerial employees Professionals together with Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, Company Secretary, etc. 

Staffing calls for using human abilities – 

Staffing is worried about the training and improvement of human resources. Every manager makes use of human family members' abilities in offering guidance and training to the subordinates. Performance appraisal, transfer, and promotion of subordinates also are required. If the staffing feature is achieved properly, the human relations in the company can be cordial. 

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